Why Change Car Headlights and Tail Lights


Importance of changing Car Headlights and Tail light

There are a lot of reasons why you need to change your headlight and tail light. Either you got into a car accident and your car light is broken, or you are car enthusiast who always make sure your head and tail lights are performing well. As you know, a broken, yellowish or muddy headlight and tail lights will cause a great danger to yourself and your passengers inside the car when you are driving on the road. Below are examples of great dangers:

A yellowish or muddy headlight will decrease the level of light output. Supposely a new headlight can shine 100 to 150 feet away in low beam. However, a yellow or muddy headlight might reduce the shine distance up to 50 feet. And thus this increase the chance of you hitting the car in the front, or the pedestrain crossing the street because you cannot see far enough and are braking too late.

A broken or muddy tail light will confuse the drivers behind you. A well performing tail lights supposely to tell the drivers behind you that you are turning left, right, stop or reverse. Thus, a broken or muddy tail light will increase the chance of your car being hit because they cannot read the signals clearly enough.

Beside the safety reasons, changing headlights or tail lights will greatly increase your car values, especially when you want to sell your car.  A pair of new headlights and tail lights will make your car look much newer, cleaner and more appealing to buyers. As we know, people always judge the book by its cover. A yellowish, muddy or broken headlight or tail light will make a car looks distressed and unloved.

Above, a 2001 Honda Civic before headlights change, looked distressed.

After headlight changed, looks newer and attractive.